About Onefarm

onefarm is a prominent producer company registered under the Companies Act, 1956. onefarm is on a journey to develop nature friendly yet commercially profitable farming methods. Its these methods that have addressed the need to feed a people of the world.

Whole World that’s on a path to becoming the youngest of all and this makes our pledge even stronger to adopt a novel setup, popularly known as “Hydroponics”.


Core Purpose

“To provide better environment for our ecosystem by offering healthier solutions”

Core Values

  • Onefarm always Demands Excellence
  • Onefarm always Challenges Status Quo
  • Onefarm always Speaks from Meaningful Experience
  • Onefarm always has a Quest to Learn
  • Onefarm is always Responsive & Result Oriented
  • Onefarm is a Relationship for Healthy Life

Towards a Green Future

onefarm has made a name for itself, all over the Indian Subcontinent. We are known for our efforts to boost the farming sector as the growth driver for our economy. onefarm’s commitment is to lead up from the grassroots by inspiring both viz. the farmers and the professionals. We provide them with top class hydroponics farming instruments and put forward the prowess of Indian Agripreneurs before the whole world.

Champions of Sustainable Farming

Constant improvements in resource utilization have boosted our efforts in promoting sustainable yet profitable farming methods for our smart agripreneurs.

onefarm is fast moving on the path to provide best utilization techniques of land, water and electricity that will power a new and healthy India.

World Class Services

We have earned the trust of our clients by providing them with assistance throughout the plant growth cycles.

Right from inspection of land to assessment of the crops’ health, our commitment has been growing each day.

To support the agripreneurs, we also extend 100% buy-back facility along with accessing the widespread distribution network of Brio Hydroponics.